At Xiao Bai Country Club, we consider our furry customers to be our guests. And as with any visitor, we treat our furry guests, above all, with respect and kindness. We want dogs and their people to love coming here, to enjoy their stay, and to look forward eagerly to the next opportunity to visit. 


For us, a philosophy of kindness and respect in action means: 

  • We do not use punishment
  • We do use positive reinforcement and kind, confident leadership
  • We do not use choke collars
  • We do provide plenty of exercise, stimulating activities and positive interactions, balanced with ample opportunity for de-stressing relaxation because we know this is the first essential for a happy, trouble-free dog
  • We do provide constant supervision during all times dogs are out of their separate rooms
  • We are on hand 24/7 to respond to any need
  • We do prevent and respond to unwanted behaviours through close supervision, early intervention, and environmental management
  • Unless specifically requested, we do not attempt to change behaviours or interfere with owners’ training.  We prefer to manage potential problems using soft management techniques 
  • And we DO NOT use punishment :-)

What does all that look like in practice?


Q: Xiao Bai is chewing bedding?
A: We give him appropriate chew toys, and indestructible bedding.


Q: Xiao Hei is annoying Xiao Huang in play and Xiao Huang is not enjoying it?
A: We have been monitoring all play, so we step in early and distract when we see potential trouble arising. 

Q: Xiao Huang is still stressed and there’s a growling, snapping incident?
A: We gently and immediately remove both dogs to a brief time out in a separate room to cool down.


Q: After the initial settling in period, Xiao Huang is still showing signs of stress in a group setting?
A: This is not good for her or her lounge-mates. We give Xiao Huang her own space. We exercise her separately and let her spend more one on one time with us. We continue to check if there are one or more dogs she does feel comfortable to spend time with.


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