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The High Quality Dog Facility with a Country-Home Environment

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 Safety and security or freedom and fun? What do you value most for your pet?  

 Our spacious facility offers the best of both worlds.

 At Xiaobai Country Club, we consider our furry customers to be our guests.

We ensure that THEY enjoy a fabulous time so YOU can get on with enjoying yours

We offer:

♦ Spacious facilities with a  welcoming, home-like feel

 Private bedrooms for rest periods and feeding

 Comfortably furnished day lounges where dogs can relax together

 Fenced, outdoor play and toileting areas

 Daily exercise, activities and positive interaction

 Pro-active staff supervision of all group play

 Secure premises

 Staff onsite 24/7 to respond to any need

 Kind, ethical treatment without punishment :-)

 Pick-up service available.

Contact us for pricing and information. Or make an appointment for a visit.  


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Xiao Bai - The Country Club for Dogs --- No. 1, Xingren Road, Lane 46, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, 251  ---  ---  Phone: (02) 2623 1299 ---  中文服務:  曾貞慧 0952 610 403