Founded in 2016 by Sue and Thilo, Xiao Bai introduces new standards to Taiwan. While most dog places in Taipei are limited by the space they have available, our first priority is the happiness of our four-legged guests. We therefore decided to not just design another run-off-the-mill dog facility, optimized for the number of dogs it can put inside the given space, but a country club for dogs. We offer large indoor and outdoor play spaces for every dog as well as dog rooms with different sizes, so every dog feels safe and secure.

Situated in one of the picturesque valleys between Danshui and Sanzhi, less than half an hour away from Taipei city, Xiao Bai's facility is surrounded by beautiful agricultural estates and lots of green. We converted a solid old factory building into a spacious second home country club for your dog. It's a place where you and your dog can relax, meet other dogs and owners and enjoy life.

Feel free to make an appointment for a visit. Bring your dog, go for a stroll with your dog and experience for yourself the atmosphere of the country club for dogs.

Xiao Bai - The Country Club for Dogs --- No. 1, Xingren Road, Lane 46, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, 251  ---  ---  Phone: (02) 2623 1299 ---  中文服務:  曾貞慧 0952 610 403